Free trial to new UPRO market timing service [CLOSED DUE TO OVERWHELMING INTEREST]

[Update, 4-29-14: Free trials to the UPRO service are now CLOSED DUE TO OVERWHELMING INTEREST! Thanks to all the beta testers and stay tuned or e-mail for how you can subscribe!]
As my members and Twitter followers know, I am one of the best market timers out there. The success of the TTT Hedge Buy and Sell signals speaks for itself!

I often use UPRO, the highly liquid 3x S&P ETF, as an easy way to be leveraged long in this secular bull market. I am offering a new UPRO-only service based on my market calls that I believe will provide 100% annual returns.

This is a trend-following service with an anticipated 12-18 trades a year. It's clear, simple and profitable: We will be either long UPRO or in cash. Members will be notified of trades via e-mail.

Don't let the bull train leave you behind. Go for a double this year -- try out the new TTT Hedge UPRO market timing service now!

We will be accepting payment July 1 for the second half of the year. You'll have until then to see what this excellent new service can do for your account, no strings attached.

(And click here to find out more about the other exciting TTT Hedge services!)

I'm looking forward to trading with you.


Tom Malone

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