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Does The Market Need A Crash

1987 analogies are fun but this time I believe we will have some sorta Crash in the coming 8 weeks as Jeff Gundlach says SPY puts are free money ! Be a Bear !   Tom   email for free daily updates


Simple trades make for big profits. The Fed is easy but cannot stay that way. Corporate profits are up but can’t stay that way . World stock markets are rolling but can’t stay that way.   We hit 8.00 VIX today …can’t stay that way !   Every data miner in the world says there… [Continue Reading]

Take A Free Trial Learn To Be A Bear!

Take lessons in shorting the market from the best , stop in my room free until July 4th!   Tom

TTT Takes On Bull

I am officially Bearish after being the Internets largest Bull for over 8 years. From 666-2300 I have told my members / owners that the next big move will likely be down. Take a moment to take a free trial and see how easy it is to trade professionally with TTT.   Tom 2295ES Short

TTT Ready For A Move

Markets are now primed to move ! Join today !   TTT Market Timing Excellence

New Highs But Bad Breadth Top Is Near

Worst Breadth For A All Time High Ever.   Nuff Said !   TVIX SPXS ERY DWT 100 % Short

What Type Of Top Is This ?

Buy the dip is not dead but it is dying a slow death. The Bears will likely prevail in 2017 due to lack of earnings and a strong dollar. Cash is a asset and certain commodities will petform well , but not oil.   Stay abreast of the market by joining me in 2017   […]

Taking Profits In ZTR

I wanted to hold ZTR for a couple of Dividend payouts but the large position made 2.5% quickly in a dull tape so with it going ex dividend soon , profits are good. I am pretty negative on the markets and feel Risk is too high for my type of Investing so we will wait […]

Top Takes Time !

I continue to believe the #Trump Top is in. The Meltup has gone outside all previous Bull Cycles. I believe this is a decent shorting opportunity. Use 3x Short ETF’s like TZA FAZ   Tom

Tops Can Be Called

My job as a professional market timer is to tell my members when to get aggressive and when to stay cautious. I am getting aggressively bearish. Now with the group think all on the same side and all believing a holiday rally is a given I prefer to go short. For those tracking, I am […]

Only TTT Can Be So Right So Profitable

Almost 5% already correction in tech sectors , ES TF NQ already shorted for hundreds of points and put options and 3x ETF’s are absolutely killing it! My short term timing is so powerful my members have bought me out ! No new members til late Spring as they deserve my 100% attention. But you […]

Not Many Can Call Key Reversals Pre Reversal !

There is a reason I have been called “The greatest short term market timer ever” Days like today prove all time frames even short term can be timed to the minute ! The ability to time the markets and use low cost easy to trade futures options and etf’s makes my easy to use service […]

TTT Top Takes Hold

The odds are pretty good that the Thanksgiving Holiday Meltup was a Multi Year Top. Quite a statement from The Biggest Bull from 10-4-11 til Today a move that I was able to stay an average 174% long from 1074 -2120 SPX ! Now the markets won’t just crash it will take a good 6-9 […]

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