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Take A Free Trial Learn To Be A Bear!

Take lessons in shorting the market from the best , stop in my room free until July 4th!   Tom


Bulls cannot make it over 2400 SPX cash despite the World rally and big earnings. The rally is long in the tooth and banks cannot resume the rally which is a TELL.   If you can get banks to rally me ! I will join in for now short the attempts at 2400  … [Continue Reading]


Please take advantage of free access to my elite Traders live room into June as we work hard to make it easier to trade the ranges here in 2017.  VIX is at record lows and your ability to trade is contingent on Short Term Timing…I am the best short term timer with a room to… [Continue Reading]

New Highs But Bad Breadth Top Is Near

Worst Breadth For A All Time High Ever.   Nuff Said !   TVIX SPXS ERY DWT 100 % Short

What Type Of Top Is This ?

Buy the dip is not dead but it is dying a slow death. The Bears will likely prevail in 2017 due to lack of earnings and a strong dollar. Cash is a asset and certain commodities will petform well , but not oil.   Stay abreast of the market by joining me in 2017   […]

Taking Profits In ZTR

I wanted to hold ZTR for a couple of Dividend payouts but the large position made 2.5% quickly in a dull tape so with it going ex dividend soon , profits are good. I am pretty negative on the markets and feel Risk is too high for my type of Investing so we will wait […]

Top Takes Time !

I continue to believe the #Trump Top is in. The Meltup has gone outside all previous Bull Cycles. I believe this is a decent shorting opportunity. Use 3x Short ETF’s like TZA FAZ   Tom

Tops Can Be Called

My job as a professional market timer is to tell my members when to get aggressive and when to stay cautious. I am getting aggressively bearish. Now with the group think all on the same side and all believing a holiday rally is a given I prefer to go short. For those tracking, I am […]

Only TTT Can Be So Right So Profitable

Almost 5% already correction in tech sectors , ES TF NQ already shorted for hundreds of points and put options and 3x ETF’s are absolutely killing it! My short term timing is so powerful my members have bought me out ! No new members til late Spring as they deserve my 100% attention. But you […]

Not Many Can Call Key Reversals Pre Reversal !

There is a reason I have been called “The greatest short term market timer ever” Days like today prove all time frames even short term can be timed to the minute ! The ability to time the markets and use low cost easy to trade futures options and etf’s makes my easy to use service […]

TTT Top Takes Hold

The odds are pretty good that the Thanksgiving Holiday Meltup was a Multi Year Top. Quite a statement from The Biggest Bull from 10-4-11 til Today a move that I was able to stay an average 174% long from 1074 -2120 SPX ! Now the markets won’t just crash it will take a good 6-9 […]


Tom Malone 9:05 AM: cl major reversal up into wed opec Tom Malone 9:05 AM: NEWS Tom Malone 9:05 AM: NOV 30 Tom Malone 9:05 AM: BIG DAY Tom Malone 9:05 AM: FOR OIL AND OIL COMPANIES Tom Malone 9:06 AM: URA ADDED AT OPEN TODAY Tom Malone 9:06 AM: IRA 90% LONG Tom Malone […]



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