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TTT TOP MEGA BEAR Warning …sell your IRA

Please , member or not try to liquidate your long stock holdings. Zweig Breadth warnings show trouble starting in 1_10 days and you have time to Get Out !   Tom   Join by following @tomandprisha on Twitter   Bearish

TTT Free Email Til 12-1-17

Hi ! Good Morning …Bulls ; Take a Knee ? Big weekend in TWTR …which reminds me why can’t Twitter charge a 4.99 per year app fee like other companies to monetize themselves ? The content is soooooo good ! The Bulls treated Friday like options expiration day grinding higher into the close driving Bears… [Continue Reading]

Does The Market Need A Crash

1987 analogies are fun but this time I believe we will have some sorta Crash in the coming 8 weeks as Jeff Gundlach says SPY puts are free money ! Be a Bear !   Tom   email for free daily updates

Not Many Can Call Key Reversals Pre Reversal !

There is a reason I have been called “The greatest short term market timer ever” Days like today prove all time frames even short term can be timed to the minute ! The ability to time the markets and use low cost easy to trade futures options and etf’s makes my easy to use service […]

TTT Top Takes Hold

The odds are pretty good that the Thanksgiving Holiday Meltup was a Multi Year Top. Quite a statement from The Biggest Bull from 10-4-11 til Today a move that I was able to stay an average 174% long from 1074 -2120 SPX ! Now the markets won’t just crash it will take a good 6-9 […]


Tom Malone 9:05 AM: cl major reversal up into wed opec Tom Malone 9:05 AM: NEWS Tom Malone 9:05 AM: NOV 30 Tom Malone 9:05 AM: BIG DAY Tom Malone 9:05 AM: FOR OIL AND OIL COMPANIES Tom Malone 9:06 AM: URA ADDED AT OPEN TODAY Tom Malone 9:06 AM: IRA 90% LONG Tom Malone […]



Why Top Calls Are So Tough !

There are a dozen reasons to call a top here. The biggest being that we have been rejected at new highs so many times. Just look at the charts and you see that the old breakout / fakeout has been a policy of this Bull market. Can we finally be satisfied that it is no […]

Why Gold Is a Good Bet !

So many commercials on gold so many ups and downs but TTT likes gold due to the fact the Dollar might be topping and chaos might reign with new government leaders worldwide and much higher rats with 2-3 hikes coming ? Send me a email and ask why Gold Nat Gas and short stocks could […]

Top Holdings TTT

Gold Bonds and Short Via IWM and SPY Puts.   Tom The Trader

TTT Top Warning !

Hi ! I am leaving on Thanksgiving vacation but our Website is up and running! I will be updating here !   Tom

Retest Of the Lows Sets up Retest Of Highs As Bull Resumes

The great Bull market is alive and well and you may need some help navigating it. I have called every major bottom since 1972. I am the only independent thinker / reality trader left , you need to try my email service or drop in my Traders Live room for Free Email me today at […]

Full Tilt Zweig Double Barreled Buy Signal

The dose of 2 9-1 up days this past week has led to a intermediate and long term TTT buy signal. Please use this opportunity to make 300-400% on you money over the next Year with my easy to follow services and Elite Trading Room. Please take the time to join today and get guaranteed […]

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