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Each day we post our official trades in our live iLinc trading room. A transcript of these trades is available for perusal at http://ttthedge.com/category/transcript/.  Our third-party tracker then meticulously enters each call, both entry and exit, into our tracking database, verifying each price via the charts.

Gains & losses on futures are calculated against the overnight margin rates and weighted for the amount of the portfolio that the trader has committed to the trade.

Gains & losses on stocks and ETFs are calculated as the price difference between the entry and exit weighted against the amount of the portfolio committed to the trade.

We do not account for commissions, dividends or compounding of returns, which would significantly improve our published results.  Since each trader’s environment is unique with different account sizes, brokers and cash flow requirements, the data we provide is sufficient to model your own hypothetical returns.

MINI - The Mini portfolio is a daytrade only account and primarily trades the S&P e-mini (ES). This account is 100% in cash each day before the market closes. The recommended minimum account size for trading the Mini account is about $25,000.  This account can trade up to three E-mini contracts per trade.
MAIN - We have recently reinstated our Main portfolio, a quarter-to-quarter hold of 10 stocks. We are using this as buy and hold only, 4x a year. For previous trades, please see the Closed spreadsheet.

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TRADERS - Our Traders portfolio trades mostly the ES S&P 500 e-mini futures contract. This account holds contracts and positions overnight requiring sufficient capital to hold and drawdown on up to 4 contracts is necessary. This portfolio can hold from 1 to 5 days with most trades lasting less than one hour. The recommended account size for trading the Traders account is $60,000 if holding overnight.

Web Link - IRA/Swing (DGA)

DGA (Formerly IRA/SWING) - This portfolio seeks to model swing trades that are executable in both IRAs and equity portfolios.  In general, trades in this account are held for 3 to 5 days for quick market timing profit. The portfolio is now called Dynamic Growth Associates as we are beta-testing it as a mutual fund. DGA has been submitted through Legg Mason and should be available for purchase in 2015.

Web Link - Nooners

NOONERS - This portfolio consists of one leveraged ETF trade at a time, usually held from the open of one day until the open of the next, unless Tom tells subscribers otherwise.

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