Results: TTT Hedge’s new $UPRO service outperforms the $ES_F nearly 2-1/2x

Thanks to all who have taken the TTT Hedge UPRO Bull Challenge since February!
Out of 13 trades, we had 10 winners and 3 losers, producing a return of 22.3%. By comparison, the ES has been up a maximum of 9.3% off its early February low.

About the UPRO Bull Challenge

As my members and Twitter followers know, I am one of the best market timers out there. The success of the TTT Hedge Buy and Sell signals speaks for itself!
UPRO, the highly liquid 3x S&P ETF, is an easy way to be leveraged long in this secular bull market. In February I created a new UPRO-only service based on my market calls and shooting for 100% annual returns. It’s clear, simple and profitable: We are either long UPRO or in cash. Members are notified of trades via e-mail.
You can read about the original UPRO Bull Challenge here. Unfortunately, no more free trials are available, but we expect to offer the service at a reasonable cost very soon. It is also available now as part of a full TTT Hedge membership, which includes the day trading room (futures, stocks and options), premarket options and ETF trade alerts and all the market analysis you can handle! Click here to check us out!
I hope to trade with you soon!
Tom Malone

Special thanks to TTT Hedge trader Paul for sharing his records  of our UPRO trades. Here is his spreadsheet:
(DIT is days in trade and % is calculated by averaging the price of entry over # trades and dividing by profit)


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