Membership Specials 2014: Save on three powerful ways to grow your account

As you know, I have been guiding our portfolios the past 10 years to the only timestamped, documented 5,793% gains in our business! I am announcing some very spectacular Membership Specials to get your accounts printing money as fast as “Helicopter Ben”! Here is what we do and what I believe is the best way […]

Throw those reverse thrusters on… for now $ES_F 1675 x 1646

Today’s Economic News: No real news today. Quote of the Day:If you destroy a free market, you create a black market.–Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: Calling for a short term bounce. Comments and Levels for the Front ES (S&P500 – Emini futures) contract: Short: 1675Long:  1646 We are expecting […]

To be young again…Zweig is under 40 but where is the volume? $ES_F 1648

Today’s Economic News: Inflation numbers continue to come in on point.  Today in the US we will watch the housing starts and permits  and what Michigan has to say about inflation and consumer sentiment. Quote of the Day:Your heart often knows things before your mind does.–Polly (Pearl) Adler Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: With […]

Smokey has setup a road block at $ES_F 1694, hold or break?

Today’s Economic News: Mostly great news so far today.  Quote of the Day:You are not what you own.–Fugazi, American rock band Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: Price action looking stronger and our Zweig actually improving here.  We talked about buying the open yesterday and that was a good call.  The Zweig needs to show […]

Bears need to stitch those negative days together $ES_F 1686 x 1675

Today’s Economic News: Not much there.  Just a reminder that Japan has a ways to got yet, but they are getting better.  Auctions in the US. Quote of the Day:He is poor who does not feel content.–Japanese proverb Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: We will feature the Zweig today.  For us bears, we want […]

Fat-lady has taken off her horns, she is singing like a bear now $ES_F 1697 x 1680

Today’s Economic News: Decent all around.  I highlighted a Greek number today!  Something positive.  Good trade balance out of the UK.  China is just alright with me and today for the USA it is wholesale inventories, a glance at what is behind the stocked shelves. Quote of the Day:If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving […]

In the NH/NL Bounce zone level1.. the lugs nuts are off too! $ES_F 1694 x 1680

Today’s Economic News: Not much out of Eurozone but the German Industrial number showed a nice bounce. Quote of the Day:Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does.–Josh Billings Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: The breadth charts have been giving us plenty of warning that we were standing on soft ground.  Today we look […]

Here is the rainbow, where are the unicorns? $ES_F 1706×1691

We had a really great rainbow at home yesterday and I tried to capture it using panorama.  A sense of the intensity is missing, maybe I can process it but I have not seen such an bright rainbow in a long time (note the reflection in the water).  We could see the 2nd inverse bow, […]

Strong PMIs out globally today, but is the party over? $ES_F 1700 x 1666

Today’s Economic News: Look at those PMIs from around the globe.  There is suspicion about the China numbers as the independent HSBC PMI continues to diverge from the “official” Chinese government version. Quote of the Day:Nothing is too high for a man to reach, but he must climb with care and confidence.–Hans Christian Andersen Featured […]

Wherever today goes, tomorrow will surely follow, maybe… $ES_F 1693 x 1666

Today’s Economic News: Japan news was OK, Europe news today was also OK.  Tons of news in the US so watch for the Fed at 2pm ET and before that the Chicago PMI that sneaks out at 9:42am and then the big reveal at 9:45am. Quote of the Day:If you can’t beat your computer at […]

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