TTT Free Email Til 12-1-17

Hi !

Good Morning ...Bulls ; Take a Knee ? Big weekend in TWTR ...which reminds me why can't Twitter charge a 4.99 per year app fee like other companies to monetize themselves ? The content is soooooo good !

The Bulls treated Friday like options expiration day grinding higher into the close driving Bears NUTS !

It has been a exhaustive effor to try to slow this Bull down .

No matter what the sentiment or valuation or breadth or now seasonality ...the Energizer Bunnt is never stopping for a 1-3% normal correction and even more normal 3-8% during SEPT/ OCT

We will keep our options in the put area but be aware EVERYONE will buy any DIP for any reason after OCT 4th TTT SELL SIGNAL END

So lets play ball

1.) TTT Short Term Market Timer BEARISH add TZA at open

2.) TTT IRA we will GO TO CASH take profits.

3.) TTT Options Alert Likes UNG Call to 2018

4.) TTT HEDGES are many PUT OPTIONS 25% of TOTAL CAsh


25% Short

75% CASH

Exit Stocks this fine day for Correction



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