Announces 2012 Annual Results

January 1, 2013 announces their annual results based on trading four model portfolios; each portfolio is tracked live and dated by an independent tracker.  The quarter by quarter results with a roll up are presented below.   A complete set of trading data is available via Google spreadsheets below.




Q1-2012 (Spreadsheet Link)

Q2-2012 (Spreadsheet Link)

Q3-2012 (Spreadsheet Link)

Q4-2012 (Spreadsheet Link)


Quarter by Quarter Results:



Discussion of results:

Overall, we can not be more pleased with our results.  After a weak first half in the Mini account, Tom Malone took over trading the account and made some adjustments that are visible in the turnaround results.  Our IRA results are exceptional with nearly a 70% return in the longer term IRA which is our main goal to increase our longer term wealth.   To improve focus and lighten the load of tracking and trading, the Main account was rolled into the IRA, hence only 2 quarters of reporting for the Main account . Trading is a team sport and if you haven’t found a team, we invite you to have a look. If you have not had a free-trial with us you can register at


The Four Portfolios Explained: trades four model portfolios allowing  our members to pick and choose trades from each.


The Mini portfolio is a day-trade only account and mostly trades e-mini futures contracts in the S&P500, Russell 2000, Nasdaq and Dow.  This account is 100% in cash each day before the market closes. Tom Malone, CEO and Founder of, trades this account with a combination of momentum and price movement.  The recommended minimum account size for trading the Mini account is about $25,000.  Trades in this account can trade up to four e-mini contracts per trade.


Our Traders portfolio trades mostly the ES SP500 e-mini futures contracts.  This account holds contracts and positions overnight so sufficient capital to hold and draw down on up to 4 contracts is necessary.  This portfolio can hold from 1 to 5 days with most trades lasting less than one hour.  Tom Malone, CEO and founder of, leads the Traders trading.  The recommended account size for trading the Traders account is $60,000 if holding overnight.


Our IRA portfolio is a swing trade portfolio using mostly stocks and ETFs to seek above market returns.  This portfolio, in general, has a hold time between 1 and 30 days and is less actively traded than the Mini or Traders account.  Tom Malone, CEO and founder of, trades the Main portfolio adding and subtracting positions as the markets and performance dictate.  There is no recommended account size for the IRA portfolio since it is less leveraged than the Mini and Traders.


How we calculate our returns:

Each day in our live trading room our traders post their trades in an official trade area in the room.   A transcript of these trades is available for perusal at  Our tracker (Jay) then meticulously enters each call, both entry and exit (after making sure they are achievable), into our tracking database. Gains & losses on futures are calculated against the overnight margin rates and weighted for the amount of the portfolio that the trader has committed to the trade. Gains & losses on stocks and ETFs are calculated as the price difference between the entry and exit weighted against the amount of the portfolio committed to the trade. We do not account for commissions, dividends, or compounding of returns, which would significantly improve our published results.  Since each trader’s environment is unique with different account sizes, brokers, and cash flow requirements, the data we provide is sufficient to model your own hypothetical returns.

Looking forward to 2013!


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